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World Bank Annual Report 2014 - Open Knowledge Repository Concerns about global warming have grown, as have fears about the spread of deadly contagious diseases. Development Association IDA—collectively known as the World Bank—. risk for development in the World Development Report 2014, the Millennium.

World development report 2014 risk and opportunity - managing. The world has suffered a multitude of crises in recent years. Rasmus Heltberg - Lead Evaluation Officer, Global Programs and Kyla Weti, Research Analyst, within the Banks core team. World development report 2014 risk and opportunity - managing risk for development. Presentationpdf1.99M.

Risk and Opportunity - World Bank Failure to act can trap people in poverty, leaving them vulnerable to negative shocks and even less able to pursue opportunities that could improve their well-being. W orld d e v e lopm e n t re p ort. 2014 world development report. Risk and Opportunity. Managing Risk for Development. Risk a nd Opportunity. A World.

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