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GLOBAL TRENDS Social Media 2015 - European Publishers Council Facebook is the dominant social networking platform in the number of users, but a striking number of users are now diversifying onto other platforms. GLOBAL. TRENDS. Social Media. 2015. EPC. PART OF THE EPC GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS BOOKS SERIES 2015. 2013. Social referrals to publisher websites edged ahead of search referrals. Search vs. social media referrals to publisher websites. Percentage of referrals received from 360,000 publishers in.

Sensis Social Media Report 2017 Some 71% of online adults are now Facebook users, a slight increase from the 67% of online adults who used Facebook as of late 2012. Jun 22, 2017. Driving the continued growth in social media use is our love of visual content. This trend has seen a rise in usage on Instagram up from. 31% to 46% and Snapchat up from 22% to 40%, with Twitter also seeing an uplift up from 19% to 32% after moving to a more visual layout. While these platforms.

The 3 most impactful social media trends - Instagram Partner Program While Facebook is popular across a diverse mix of demographic groups, other sites have developed their own unique demographic user profiles. Trend Two. The geographic disrupter & new gold rush real time location based digital content. 10. How to leverage social media & be ahead of the pack in every way. 2013. State of the social media industry & how times have changed. The comparison between these two scenes is striking and goes to show how much has.

Social Media Marketing India Trends Study 2016 - EY Twitter and Instagram have particular appeal to younger adults, urban dwellers, and non-whites. Social Media Marketing - India Trends Study. Dear reader. Customer is at the heart of everything that we do. Over the last three years, we at EY have been passionately exploring how digital media is transforming businesses and how brands in India are adapting to the online behavior, demands and expectations of social.

Social Media Marketing India Trends Study 2014 - EY In addition, Instagram users are nearly as likely as Facebook users to check in to the site on a daily basis. Dear Readers. Welcome to the second edition of our EY Social Media. Marketing India Trends Study. We hope your year has been well and exciting in your digital and social media initiatives. In 2013 we explored how social media- savvy brands in India are using the medium, their objectives, budgets, measurement and ad.

Survey of social media and mobile usage by - AMNĀ® Healthcare For example, Pinterest holds particular appeal to female users (women are four times as likely as men to be Pinterest users), and Linked In is especially popular among college graduates and internet users in higher income households. Online networking and job opportunities that may not be available via more traditional methods. AMN Healthcare's 2013 Survey of Social Media and Mobile Usage by Healthcare. Professionals Job Search and Career Trends, is a follow-up to two prior surveys in 20. It provides hospitals and other healthcare.

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